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Manuela Palmucci was born in Fano (PU) Italy. She graduated in Foreign Languages at the University of Urbino, discussing the thesis about the origin of the Detective Novel. She has been travelling extensively throughout the world since her University period, attending a number of specializing courses and training at business, technical and scientific jargons.

Manuela Palmucci

Manuela Pamucci

Photo by A. Scarabotto

In 1983/84 she attended a two-year course for tourist guides: she studied Arts and obtained the Diploma. Her name is listed in the official web site of the province After graduation she started teaching at State High Schools. Since 1989 she has been collaborating with her city's literary set "A. Bianchini" and since then she has been organizing courses for people interested in learning foreign languages. 

Her love for travelling often  leads her abroad and her address book is constantly updated with new contacts: that's why she keeps her language knowledge smoothly and readily. Since 1999 she has been collaborating with FanoInternationalFilmFestival, supervising both the translation of the web site and the catalogue and welcoming those who take part in the yearly event.

In 2001 she has collaborated with her husband on the creation of:, and

Fond of Arts, keen on Aesthetics, fascinated by Cybernetics, she has personally carried out the execution of this web site. Teachers with a degree in Foreign Languages and and native speaking English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish translators collaborate with her.